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Extreme Nutrition LLC represents experience and excellence in designing tailored food supplements. 

Expertise is necessary in order to provide quality services. For that reason pharmacists under Extreme Nutrition are actively engaged in company's operations.

Products and its composition are developed in line with the latest scientific findings. Each step from designing the product composition to final production is observed, managed and controlled by pharmacists or specialists in the field of pharmaceutical technology. This guarantees the quality, composition and appropriate dosage of products.

The latest product line; Battlefield Nutrition, was developed especially for the military and other special forces for extreme applications. Together with tailor composed MRE (24h) packages, Battlefield Nutrition product line makes Extreme Nutrition one of the few companies in Europe specialised in innovative approach towards food supplements for military and special force purposes.


More information about products and services of Extreme Nutrition LLC can be found at:


The address will be provided soon!

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